Friday, August 10, 2007

Secrets Disclosure- Microsoft Surface (Codename Milan)

Though, many of you must have heard about this newest MS "Top-Secret" project but for those who are still in oblivion I present this and of course who can keep such a cool product off their blogs.Our beloved (and sometimes hated) software giant has built a new touch screen computer. Something that utilizes the latest Multi-Input Surfaces. The newest brainchild, codenamed Milan, can definitely be called a completely new platform of computing. This product essentially puts into form the millions of concepts displayed in so many futuristic movies. Milan features a IR sensor-net under the surface to automatically detect and connect with any object placed on the surface like a digital camera, Bluetooth phone or a simple cup of' Jo.

Microsoft surface will be available for consumers as soon as the end of 2007, at a very steep price of $10,000, in a coffee table shape. More shapes are being targets at various users like a board room projection, Cafe table with ordering, Showroom counter, Kitchen helper, Education and creativity table, Real-Time project wall-size screens and many more.

News about Milan have been flooding the internet fiber-optics since around 25th May 2007. Since then a multitude of websites have served this eye-candy and surely caused a few sugar level dis-balances.

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