Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Want ebooks? Get them at ebookshare.net

This is a amazing website for ebook lovers. The huge collection and categories is amazing. You will find all kinds of magazines, novels or study books. A perfect way to preview a ebook version before you put in your hard earned money in a paperback one.

The website is blog oriented design and presents an article each specifing every kind of detail you would want on a ebook or a ezine. ISBN numbers, ripping group, size, format, publisher and writer info, short description, link to publisher's site.. its all there.

The book download itself is via P2P torrent network thus providing good speeds and feedback. As the books get older and less popular they are phased out from the community. So, you might want to check the website periodically too grab what you like early on and before the sharing stops.

Some ebooks that are available are - Reader's Digest, You Magazine, The Ticket, Wrox Professional C# with .Net 3.0, Harry potter 7, Science, PC World, Computer power user... Basically everything you would ever want.

Here are the categories, at the time of writing this article, available at ebookshare (click to visit)-
Overall, you wouldn't want to miss such an important website. Also, you will need a torrent client to download the books, so get utorrent here. For information on torrent network see the wiki.

Happy Reading.

- Coming soon: A review of various ebook readers for all formats and reading habits -

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