Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Port Forwarding solution for Dataone's new Siemens SL2-141 ADSL router/modem

Well what can I say about the Indian Telephony services. They dont do much else then screw up and are always proud of it. This time they have got a nice wifi enabled ADSL router and f'ed up its html interface such that the user cannot set anything other then the very basic settings. I dug around the internet but couldnt find any solution for portforwarding in this perticular device using the standard html interface. But my rusted college time networking skills finally sparked up the manual config options. Here Goes...

Btw, there is no streight forward way to do it from the html interface that the router provides as the firmware has been modified by Dataone and all the advanced features are gone. The only method is to do it manually.


1. Siemens SL2-141 router's username and passward.(Default Username - admin, Passward - admin)
2. Siemens SL2-141 router configured for always-on internet. (Otherwise u need to dial to connect and internet connection will be on only one PC at a time, but then u dont need to port forward at all.)
3. A terminal utility like HyperTerminal at Start>All Programs>Accesseries>Communication.
4. Static IP address and the port configured in your torrent client. (See utorrent wiki, Azureus wiki)
5. Obvious stuff - Dataone A/c, ISP login details, Windows/linux terminal utility, Assuming router at


1. Open HyperTerminal
2. Configure ur Location/area code if asked.
3. Enter some name at the 'New Connection' message box. Hit Ok.
4. In the 'Connect to' message box select 'Tcp/Ip(winsock)' under 'Connect Using' menu.
5. Enter in 'Host Address'. Hit Ok.
6. Now u r in the terminal and it will ask for login/passward. type and press enter one by one.
7. Main menu: Type 6 and press Enter.
8. NAT menu: Type 1 and press Enter.
9. Virtual server menu: Type 1 and press Enter.
10.Service name - type anything like utorrent or text. Press Enter.
11.Protocol - Type 0. Press Enter.
12. External start port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
13. External end port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
14. Internal start port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
15. Internal end port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
16. Internal server IP address - Type the (static) IP of pc running ur torrent client and Press Enter.
17. See confirmation. Check using some web based port checking webpage or ur torrent client.
18. Exit the terminal. Done.


1. Port forwarding basics and method for other then dataone coustomers at
2. utorrent's Port forwarding test at<enter port here>. ^
3. Dataone website. (Has Speed test, Webmail, Usage portal, Mail Client config steps etc)
4. Siemens SL2-141 Quick start guide(Pdf 1.31Mb, Illustrated), Manual(Pdf 5.44mb) and Datasheet.
5. Sample network configuration illustration.
6. Reset you modem from the HTML interface in case u mess up.

Now thank me for all the hardwark. :)