Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Port Forwarding solution for Dataone's new Siemens SL2-141 ADSL router/modem

Well what can I say about the Indian Telephony services. They dont do much else then screw up and are always proud of it. This time they have got a nice wifi enabled ADSL router and f'ed up its html interface such that the user cannot set anything other then the very basic settings. I dug around the internet but couldnt find any solution for portforwarding in this perticular device using the standard html interface. But my rusted college time networking skills finally sparked up the manual config options. Here Goes...

Btw, there is no streight forward way to do it from the html interface that the router provides as the firmware has been modified by Dataone and all the advanced features are gone. The only method is to do it manually.


1. Siemens SL2-141 router's username and passward.(Default Username - admin, Passward - admin)
2. Siemens SL2-141 router configured for always-on internet. (Otherwise u need to dial to connect and internet connection will be on only one PC at a time, but then u dont need to port forward at all.)
3. A terminal utility like HyperTerminal at Start>All Programs>Accesseries>Communication.
4. Static IP address and the port configured in your torrent client. (See utorrent wiki, Azureus wiki)
5. Obvious stuff - Dataone A/c, ISP login details, Windows/linux terminal utility, Assuming router at


1. Open HyperTerminal
2. Configure ur Location/area code if asked.
3. Enter some name at the 'New Connection' message box. Hit Ok.
4. In the 'Connect to' message box select 'Tcp/Ip(winsock)' under 'Connect Using' menu.
5. Enter in 'Host Address'. Hit Ok.
6. Now u r in the terminal and it will ask for login/passward. type and press enter one by one.
7. Main menu: Type 6 and press Enter.
8. NAT menu: Type 1 and press Enter.
9. Virtual server menu: Type 1 and press Enter.
10.Service name - type anything like utorrent or text. Press Enter.
11.Protocol - Type 0. Press Enter.
12. External start port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
13. External end port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
14. Internal start port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
15. Internal end port - Type the port of ur torrent client and Press Enter.
16. Internal server IP address - Type the (static) IP of pc running ur torrent client and Press Enter.
17. See confirmation. Check using some web based port checking webpage or ur torrent client.
18. Exit the terminal. Done.


1. Port forwarding basics and method for other then dataone coustomers at
2. utorrent's Port forwarding test at<enter port here>. ^
3. Dataone website. (Has Speed test, Webmail, Usage portal, Mail Client config steps etc)
4. Siemens SL2-141 Quick start guide(Pdf 1.31Mb, Illustrated), Manual(Pdf 5.44mb) and Datasheet.
5. Sample network configuration illustration.
6. Reset you modem from the HTML interface in case u mess up.

Now thank me for all the hardwark. :)


  1. for some reason a menu doesn't pop up after i type in the password, all it shows is a new line with > at the beginning, i try typing in 6 but it says not found

  2. Dude.. you re awesome.. i jus enabled the port fordwarding of my router Nokia Siemens SL2-141... Thanks a million.. i owe... now i can download it great speed... thanks again

  3. awesome rollercoaster! works like a charm for me. without guys like you we would be at the mercy of "smart" ones at BSNL

  4. thank you very good information .
    Please on the issue below. Sl2 141 adsl moden is not able to route I have followed all the steps in html interface and also in the hyperterminal interface . I can only connect through pppoe dial up through my computer . want to make a wireless network for laptop and ps3 . kindly help

  5. I HAVE SL2 141 WITH AN AIRTEL CONNECTION WITH STATIC IP. Will the same technique work for port forwarding as it is very necessary for me to up my dvr on the static ip.

  6. @SOMENDRA: I think it should work. it would depend on how the Airtel people have modified the modem.

    Chances are they only modify the html interface and leave the telnet interface as it.

  7. I manage to login successfully however I never get the menu, typing 6 results in
    6: not found


  8. Those having trouble with menu, try to match the menu number to press by looking for the next menu name from the next step.

    for eg step:
    7. Main menu: Type 6 and press Enter.
    8. NAT menu: Type 1 and press Enter.

    see that '6' is the menu number for the 'NAT menu' (or similar name). IF it is not 6 then replace by the number displayed next to the menu item which is similar to 'NAT Menu'. Do the same for other steps when u cant find the menu.

  9. I am facing a major issue.

    I can't able to add more than one FW rule !!
    Say, I need port-fw for uTorrent and a different port for a game server.

    It is storing only the last one that I enter.

  10. simply forward all ports from 0 - 255*255 (for start and end port)

  11. Hi. I added the forwarding rule, but it still doesn't seem to be working. The only thing that is working for me is adding the ip in DMZ. However, that isn't a good solution and works only for one comp on the network anyway. Any idea as to what might be wrong?

  12. sorry prasun.. cant tell from far away :)

    try posting a forum or or here again with a bit more detail about ur modem's model# and ur setup..

  13. Hi, I think its the same nokia-siemens wifi router that you are talking about. Got it with the BSNL connection. The model number isn't mentioned anywhere. It just says nokia-siemens networks residential router 1600. It has the same limited GUI you talked about and i had to telnet it to configure it. The config menu is also similar. I thought that if nothing else works, disabling the firewall would work. But, i can't disable the firewall either. In the normal config using the web GUI, there are two check boxes for enabling NAT and firewall. However, even if i deselect the firewall checkbox, it comes back on its own. Dunno what is wrong. Also wondering if there is some issue with my particular device, or an issue with the model in general.

  14. I don't know about that particular model. try to find it on the manufacturer or email to their support about setting up port forwarding. there is a good chance that they will reply.

  15. i did exactly as u mentioned but still when i check the port it's shown as not open. please help. i have nokia siemens 1600 wifi router.
    what shud i do???

  16. Did you save the settings and reboot?

    also please note that this method is over one and a half years old. modems and their software/menu change...

  17. ok now the port is open..
    thnx alot.

  18. Hi Guys,

    I'm using Nokie seimens 1600 router, i did the same steps mentioned in the forum group, still am not able get connected for the applicaiton from outside. I do not know is something missing during port forwarding, please can any one guide me comeplete port forwarding steps.
    you can mail me to
    thanks in advance

  19. I have new method instead of use .It ask you username and password enter your password and user name, now you can see advance option menu for your router. Just Goto
    \Advance Setup\=>\NAT\=>\DMZ Host\
    now in DMZ Host Ip Address Enter your Pc or your Laptop ip you have assinged on which you want to forward your port.
    Just click on /save and apply/ and reboot your modem voila! now your port is forwarded.

    If you want some more help or if it is not working you can contact me at

  20. @Nav wow that is an amazing discovery. thanks for sharing

  21. @RollerCoaster Thanks For appreciation

  22. THIS DOES NOT WORK IN WINDOWS 7 as there is no communication option

  23. i am unable to connect 2 pc with cable or my lapi with wi fi in pppoe mode in nokia siemens residential router 1600. i can connect one pc in one time using bridging mode. hw should i connect 2 pc or lapi with wi fi????????? plz help me email is
    thanks in advance

  24. hi, i was wondering if there is any way todo this from linux? what is the equivalent of Hyperterminal in linux?

    Also, i set-up forwarding using Security - Filtering - Incoming. create two rules, one for packets from your pc to the outside world, and vice-versa. leave the boxes for outside world blank, just add your IP, subnet and port.

    Also, is there any firmware, that can be flashed into the modem? i remember flashin my CISCO router, with an awesome FW!

    PS:Deleted the above posts, to merge all 3 posts.

  25. not sure. dont use it much.

    try posting in the forum for your perticular flavor of linux with a link to this post. someone there will be able to give a proper translation of the steps

  26. thank you your instructions worked wonderfully and for the first time i have seen green faces in my torrent downloader. But i need yr help still. We are using vista and for now i have downloaded a private hypertrminal. So please tell me how to get to hyperterminal in Vista. I m using licensed version.

  27. Hi, there is anyway to block torrent downloads in nokia siemens router using port forwarding? please help me

  28. hi
    i have the nokia siemens SL2141 router...i am presently using a bsnl
    broadband connection..with a siemens modem....the problem i am facing
    is that...only one computer connects at a time....when i try to
    connect the second computer it shows 'phone line busy' is very
    important that i have the network setup between my two computers(both
    use xp)....i am a i request you to please give a detailed
    explanation of the methods....thank you

  29. Help need to blocking websites by router
    Hi ,

    Thanks for your amazing post. I have bsnl broadband connection having Nokia-siemens SL2_141 modem/router. I want to block few sites like facebook & orkut through it. I googled a lot but all invain. I ended up with solutions like opendns , windows hostfiles and proxyserver etc, but I want through it by router as it will cover all the WIFI . I found like ip filtering in my router after logging in but cannot configure the required fields as
    Filter Name
    Source Address / Mask
    Source Port
    Dest. Address / Mask
    Dest. Port

    Please help me , your reply will be appreciated


  30. There are various ways.

    you can enter 'Static Routes' that will redirect specific IP addresses.

    Go to Advanced Setup > Routing > Static Route

    and enter the IP address / Subnet Mask and select 'Lan' for 'User Interface'

    This will redirect all packets thus the sites will be blocked

    e.g's IP for me is, subnet mast

    After this will stop working.

  31. Hi Rollercoaster,
    Thanks for your sincere reply, I tried the above steps advised by you.But it failed I got the followings
    Static Route Add Error

    Configure route for address = and subnet mask = failed. Status: 1

    And one more thing as Facebook is a very popular sites it uses many ips . I got the above ip by ping cmd.