Saturday, September 29, 2007

The best latest torrent soruce - Releaselog

This is a website that is my homepage now and that alone aught to speak a ton about it. You know all that time you spend in searching for a good torrent for a new releases in the scene, now you don't have to wait for the seed to catch up so that you be sure that you have found an authentic torrent.

Now, Just read the Releaselog!

It caters to a variety of content but mainly the very newest in PC games (hear! hear!) , Tv shows and all types of movies the scene releases. You will find Dvdrip, telesync, Cam, HD, R5, Old movies and what not. From what i have seen this site does a superb job of keeping up with the scene, which can be very daunting. Within minutes of a release you will find a informative and concise article consisting of an introduction, beautiful images, releasing group info, System requirements, features and a lot more about the torrent. All the best groups like Fairlight, Hatred, Reloaded and all the other big boys can be found mentioned here.

You think that is a lot? But wait there is more! Oh yes.

You will also find hundreds of very properly moderated comments with each post and categories for Technology news, music and Applications with all the love of a scene lover glowing out from every bit of the site. I know what you are gonna say. Where the hell has it been till now if not as your homepage!!!

Go get em all Fellas!


  1. kewl!!!

    bit of problem with the spells of the title itself [b]soruce[/b] ;)