Sunday, October 04, 2009

Windows 7 Boot Errors - No More !

How may times have we been plagued by a failed boot manager? Remember ‘NTLDR Missing’ or ‘No OS found’ or ‘Boot manager failed to load…’

Well I got one today, after a long time, on my desktop. It was absolutely fine yesterday night when I switched it off. Something clashed/broker windows was left unbootable.

Earlier one would be frantically running around to find a rescue disk or a windows setup disk to boot from and somehow remember how he had fixed it the last time.

Enter Windows 7. Simply restart the system and the next time you get a sweet screen with the options -

“Fix problems that are preventing windows from starting” Now tell me that isn’t sweet!

I just press enter and it does it’s thing. Kudos to the devs and the leads taking initiative to implement such functions :)

It also goes to show that end user software is now in that phase of crossing over from dumb to intelligent. I wonder what wonder will come next…


  1. Doode

    Its awesome indeed...that Missing OS or NTLDR things just suck...big time...

    Cheers for M$ ;)

  2. Now that's some thing which really needs to be called as "awesome". It looks that M$ is finally serious about its o/s and about users. I am getting more and more firm to purchase Win 7 ;-) .

  3. @Sidhu I know u realize the pain man... dont know how many times we have gone mad trying to fix those kind of errors

    @aman dude purchase? :p It is not even out yet :D still 18 days to go

  4. Purchase doesn't only mean that you go to a shop n buy it :P