Tuesday, October 06, 2009

PhotoSketch: Simone here I come…

There are times when I am really mad at my chosen field of professionalism (as if.. ). But there are also times when ‘awesome’ doesn't seem to suffice as well, which makes life worth living. Today is such a day. Come along and enjoy the ride..

(: Oh! and btw if you haven’t see S1m0ne yet then jump out of your office window, in front of a truck, grab a gun and point at the guy in the mirror or do whatever preference you have towards suicide. :)

We have all seen a variety of awesome stuff in novels, sci-fi movies, on the web, in computer games, in great software and web applications and in unique project, we as devs, may be a part of (Google OS someone? :p). Some of those transcend and stay as a part of our subconscious. For eg a few things for me are The Matrix, A fire in the deep, Abduction, Chromosome 6,  Windows 7 :D, etc etc. This one is a newest entry in that collection. The ‘think and make real’ kinda stuff.

What if

  • you could draw a sketch on a tablet and have it turned into a real image with real people, objects and background?
  • you have been going crazy about that wedding photo of yours what missed a crucial item, like a family member, an emblem or ur pet?
  • you want to add that special someone in a really nice pic of urs or a missing friend in a group photo ?
  • you want to see yourself kayaking or hiking in that dream destination or want to stand next to the president?

Forget photoshop just PhotoSketch.

A group of students in China have created PhotoSketch, a project that does exactly what I just described: it takes a rough, hand-drawn sketch, scours the web for photos that match, and runs them through an algorithm, stitching it all together. Watch this video presentation, you will not regret it:

Now we just need to add another dimension to it (No! my dear Einstein I don’t mean Time.. we already have that in the video progress bar :p ) and -> S1m0ne here I come !!


  1. AWESOME dude :-) .

    When we can see your own production released animation flick ;-)?


  2. This is an awesome time to be! so many new things to experience :)

    @aman my flick is all ready but the damn censorship board wont allow it :p

  3. Man...really some of the box stuff...people do wonders doode....awesome !!!

  4. you mean out of the box? :p

    it is awesome stuff.. lets see what end product comes out of it